Motorsports Parts Distributor Keeps on the Fast Track

Gentleman, start your engines!

Anticipation grips the crowd….

With a sharp snap, the flag is dropped and the cars burst forth with a fury…

Then, faster than it began, one car races across the finish line, the lone victor.

Beginning with the Finish Line in Mind

Business is also an intense race against tough competition—especially in the world of motorsport parts manufacturing and distribution.

Inside the engines of many winning NASCAR and NHRA cars are quality parts manufactured by Manley Performance Products of Lakewood, New Jersey. For nearly 40 years, Manley has led the global motorsports community, supplying a myriad of valve train and internal engine components to enthusiasts, leading race teams, professional engine builders, specialty vehicle constructors, and OEMs.

To satisfy clients who live life at breakneck speed, Manley needs to stay ahead of the race. And just like the pros on the track, second place just doesn’t cut it.

“Most of our customers who place orders today needed them yesterday,” said Gil Morejon, CFO for Manley Performance Products. “Our business is based upon speed and we need to deliver quickly.”

Picking Up the Pace

Once a small shop, Manley is now a multimillion dollar enterprise. Its success is grounded in the fact that it knows its clients.

In addition to its New Jersey headquarters, Manley operates a warehouse in Orange, California. Transactions on both coasts are nonstop. When a part is out of stock in one location, sales staff electronically contact the other location for an overnight shipment.

But, there was a time when the locations were not connected. Since there is a three-hour time difference between coasts, this caused difficulty if California needed to obtain a part from New Jersey after the east coast office had closed for the day.

“Our clients do not have time to wait,” said Morejon. “If we can’t get quick answers, they’ll go elsewhere.”

Manley asked CompuData for a speedy solution. Now both locations are connected through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) through a high-speed T-1 line.

“The technology not only attributes to increased sales, it helps prevent business erosion,” said Morejon. “With a few keystrokes, employees in one location can view the inventory of the other location. Since there is a three-hour time differential between the facilities, this automation can make what otherwise would be a lost sale due to one location being closed.”

No Time for Pit Stops

Swapping inventory between locations is convenient, but Manley tries to minimize the practice. To do so, its managers need to know exactly what is and what is not in stock.

Using MAS 200, Manley has 100% inventory control and replenishment capabilities. While all Manley wares are fast-moving, so to speak, some sell much quicker than others.

“Having an automated accounting of inventory is a critical cash flow tool,” said Morejon. “It also saves us substantial shipping costs. Metal parts are expensive to transport. While there are times one location needs to borrow parts from the other, it makes more sense to keep each location appropriately stocked.”

Cruising the Next Lap

Manley has recently contracted with Ford to supply parts for the 2004 Cobra. This entrance into the passenger car market is a huge opportunity for further growth.

Manley’s challenge is, however, in exchanging information with Ford and other large clients that will come down the track. Often, large clients rely on different accounting packages that use different formats than vendors use. And so, in order to communicate efficiently, major customers such as Ford demand that vendors comply with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards. EDI translates and automates accounting processes such as invoices, purchase orders, inventory management, and product distribution across the wide array of available accounting processes.

CompuData helped transition Manley Performance Product to EDI compliance with eBridge Software. eBridge seamlessly integrates into MAS 200 to process valuable information that needs to be exchanged with Ford and other large clients. Such information could include accounts payable, accounts receivable, order entry, and/or inventory control.

Providing seamless, automated integration, the eBridge EDI software allows businesses to eliminate the need for manual data entry and to quickly achieve EDI compliance with business partners for maximum efficiency. eBridge instantly synchronizes sales order and purchase information, payment data, and other business critical information between both systems.

Relying on manual data entry and duplication always leaves open the possibility of human error, which can quickly grow from a mistyped number to an inventory and invoicing nightmare. eBridge for MAS 200 eliminates the need for manual data duplication, while leveraging the business logic in your accounting application to ensure that information received and sent during EDI transactions is reliable and accurate.

“EDI is just another step in our growth,” said Morejon. “But, dealing with one technology solutions provider that knows our company from top to bottom is a huge advantage.”

“We are pleased that CompuData provides this key solution,” Morejon continued. “But we’re not surprised. CompuData has been our IT advisor since the 1980s. Its people know and understand our business.”

Are you working with software that is no longer able to meet the demands of your growing business? Call CompuData today to find out if there may be a more cost effective and efficient way to address your business needs.